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Aligning your practice with the very first oral health cartoon brand brings instant personality/charisma/pizzas to your practice, helping you to become well known in your community. Let's face it, the Tooth Fairy needs a little help, and children and families just love superheroes and cartoons... so boost your brand with Mighty MolarMan!

Hey Docs, we got somethin’ ta say... join the Mighty MolarMan & Friends Team today!
— Biggie & Toothpac

Join the Team!

Mighty MolarMan & Friends are fun-loving cartoon characters that educate and promote total health. They also help children with dental phobias, and those with special healthcare needs, to have a relaxing and fun dental experience. Serving as the foundation of fun in dental practices, Mighty MolarMan & Friends were created and designed to appeal to people of all ages, attracting new families to enhance practice growth. This animation-fueled approach to marketing/branding is the wave of the future, both for dental practices as well as oral healthcare products and services.

Besides being an online intermediary between dentists and patients, Mighty MolarMan & Friends is, first and foremost, an educational animated series designed to be shared online. Practices should regard the website’s content as a tool for patient education and fear reduction, and a means to engage with their respective audiences.

In The News

Dr. John U. Bond, a general dentist in Dallas, TX,  always knew that making the whole dental experience fun for children/families was in his genes. His father was an artist and cartoonist, who influenced him early on with his illustrations and humor. By creating Mighty MolarMan & Friends, Dr. Bond established the foundation of fun in his practices. Along the way, he discovered The Mighty MolarMan & Friends Experience, helping children with dental phobias and those with special needs. Now he is passionate about sharing this wonderful patient care experience with dentists and families globally … and as he likes to say, “the molar, the merrier!”

Mighty MolarMan travels the globe as the iconic superhero of smiles, promoting oral health awareness and education.