Mighty MolarMan & Friends capture children/families imaginations, showing that dental education, dental hygiene, and yes even dental appointments can be fun!

Your patients explore MightyMolarMan.com as a family, discovering the magical world of Molar Towne. Any potential fears or anxiety are lifted as they choose their favorite characters, engage with the “Molar in the Mirror” book and plush toy, feel like a SuperHero with their very own Mighty MolarMan Cape, and enjoy other fun activities on the site. Your staff will like playing along and being a part of this unique experience. With relaxed young patients and happy environment, the overall patient care experience is positive and successful.

Dr. John U. Bond, a general dentist in Dallas, TX,  always knew that making the whole dental experience fun for children/families was in his genes. His father was an artist and cartoonist, who influenced him early on with his illustrations and humor. By creating Mighty MolarMan & Friends, Dr. Bond established the foundation of fun in his practices. Along the way, he discovered The Mighty MolarMan & Friends Experience, helping children with dental phobias and those with special needs. Now he is passionate about sharing this wonderful patient care experience with dentists and families globally … and as he likes to say, “the molar, the merrier!”

Dr. John U. Bond and Mighty MolarMan